TOAD or Oraspeed?

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Oraspeed - An Overview

Oraspeed is an Oracle IDE (Integrated Development Environment) application developement tool. This Oracle IDE has intuitive interface to work with the Oracle database for coding, testing and monitoring the database related activities. As they say a picture says a thousand words, just have a look at the screen-shots to get an idea of the features provided by Oraspeed.

This database tool can improve your productivity multifold regardless of whether you are a Programmer or Application Developer or Business Analyst or DBA. Features like Oracle SQL Editor, PLSQL Editor, PLSQL Profiler, PLSQL Debugger, TKProf, Parent Child Tables Data Explorer, Advanced BLOB Editor, Advanced Session Manager will save your time. Oracle debugger is so easy to use. SQLNet.ora Editor and TNSNames.ora Editor can be very handy. Writing SQL or PL/SQL is so easy with features like Intellisense, Programmable keys, Multithreading, Syntax Highlighting, Declared Variables List, Oracle functions List, Schemas(Users) List, Objects List and much much more.

Creating and maintaining the database objects were never so easy. This Oracle IDE provides wizards for different object types (like Tables, Views, Synonyms, Users, Triggers, Indexes, DBLinks etc.) using which you can easily work with different database objects. The Oracle Schema Browser allows you browse through all your schemas and different object types via smartly designed hybrid of Multitabbed and Dropdowns based GUI. You can set access at menu level for all your Oraspeed users.

TOAD for Oracle or Oraspeed for Oracle ?

Would you like to pay over $800 for TOAD for Oracle or pay just $50 for Oraspeed for Oracle? Yes, For just $50 per license you will get PL/SQL debugger feature too with Oraspeed which is not available in the basic version of TOAD which itself costs $800 per license.


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Competetive Pricing

Oraspeed is being priced at just $50 per single user license. You can compare the features and price of the competing products like Oracle TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, OraEdit, DreamCoder etc. and decide which product is value for money.

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