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File AutoRecover
The AutoRecover feature automatically saves a backup copy every 5 minutes(You can set it to any value from 1 minute to 120 minutes).

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Locked Objects Browser
A browser is provided which can display the list of locked objects and also the corresponding sessions which you can kill to release those locked objects.




Oraspeed Security
Using Oraspeed Security module you specify which user can use which features of Oraspeed at menu level.


File Compare Utility
You get an in-built "File Comparison Utility" to compare the files. You need not pay for "File comparision" programs, You get this feature


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SQL Editor
Enables you to quickly test queries, view and edit data, and process DDL commands, all from an easy-to-use interface.


PL/SQL programs Editor
Increases productivity with features like hot keys, intellisense, syntax highlighting


IT Services

Our service offerings in
Application Devlopment
and Maintenance




Schema Browser
Displays and manages all database objects graphically, with single-click access to object details, data and underlying DDL.


PL/SQL Debugger
Module minimizes coding errors by allowing you to debug line-by-line, set breakpoints, watch/edit variables and more...



Anonymous Block Editor
Write any anonymous block with all the SQL Editor features enabled and see the DBMS Server output immediately after execution.


DB Objects Creation/Modification Wizards
These wizards are provided for different object types like Table, Views, Triggers,Queues, DB Links, Jobs, Sequences, Indexes, Synonyms and Users.



Oracle Objects Editor
Using this Oracle developer tool work with all different kinds of oracle objects with intuitively designed forms and editors.


Advanced BLOB Editor
Editing BLOB is easy with the Advanced BLOB Editor. The most common formats like Text, RTF, XML, HTML, GIF, JPEG, Icon, BMP,Word DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF are automatically displayed.



Integrated FTP Explorer
In the File Explorer window you can work with all files on your desktop, mapped network drives and remote FTP servers in a seamless way.


You can define your own report name it and execute it whenever you want at the click of a button. Oraspeed also comes with more than 100 built-in reports about the database and its objects.



TK Prof
Do advanced tuning of your SQLs by enabling the SQL Tracing and at a click of a button see the formatted trace file output as formatted by TKProf utility.


PL/SQL Profiler
Tune your PL/SQL programs using the DBMS_PROFILER package provided by Oracle just by clicking one single button.



Parent Child Tables Data Explorer
Just choose a Table automatically and all its children tables are displayed which you can further drill down upto the 100th level.


Invalid Objects Browser
View the list of all the invalid objects in each of the schemas and compile all of them just by cliciking one button.


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